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Shikongo accuses Shikongo of theft

Shikongo accuses Shikongo of theft

Staff Reporter


AN OSHAKATI resident, Eliphas Shikongo, and a building contractor, Tuakondja Shikongo (not related), are at each other’s throats after a house construction agreement went wrong.


Eliphas has opened a case of theft against Tuakondja, who is the managing director of Dezman Investment CC, accusing him of stealing a left-over copper wire, concrete stones, and a grinder.


The alleged theft occurred last year while Tuakondja’s construction company was contracted to build Eliphas’ house in Oshakati West.


The agreement was signed in March.


In documents seen by Informanté, Eliphas expresses disappointment by the contractor’s refusal to submit the receipts for the building materials and for “stealing my properties at the site”.


“I am also disappointed by the Standard Bank for its progress approval based on a blank invoice from Dezman that was submitted only after I launched a complaint on 18 August 2020. The response, connived by Dezman and bank officials who might have interest in the matter, was drafted on 6 September and contains pure fabricated lies.” Said Eliphas.


On 2 September Eliphas wrote a letter to Standard Bank home loan requesting the cancellation of the contract with Tuakondja in order to appoint a new contractor to complete the building at Erf 402, Oshakati West.


“The contractor has failed to complete the construction within the timeframe stipulated in the contract signed at the home loan office in Oshakati. The contractor has not supervised the construction site since it commenced as he was forever not present at the site and I did the supervision myself,” said Eliphas.


According to the agreement, the workers were to be paid an amount of over N$145 000, which was not done.


Eliphas was given a loan of N$750 000 from the bank and was topped up to make it N$850 000.


However, the contractor’s version differs from the one presented by Eliphas.


In a response letter seen by Informanté, Tuakondja Shikongo stated that the construction of the house started in May and lasted until July.


“Our work was halted by Eliphas Shikongo on the 18 August. We had a delay in material delivery due to COVID-19. The slight delay in the progress caused was therefore not within my power,” said Tuakondja.


He added: “According to my records all the workers have been paid. I do not have any outstanding fees due and so far, I have used about N$80 000 to pay the workers.”


He further said that what Eliphas is alleging is not true because “we started spending money into the construction of this house and it is, therefore the bank that owes us money and not vice versa”.


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