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Taps closing for Swakop consumers owing N$100m

Taps closing for Swakop consumers owing N$100m

Staff Reporter

CONSUMERS riding on the back of paying customers will soon be left dry as water services will be disconnected due to a total of N$100 million in outstanding bills owed to the Swakopmund Municipality.

Government departments and some businesses are the main culprits abusing special arrangements made due to the pandemic.

“For two years we were not permitted to disconnect water services as per government directive that granted leniency to people who suffered due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Swakopmund Municipality Alfeus Benjamin said.

FAIR: CEO of the Swakopmund Municipality Alfeus Benjamin has urged consumers to settle their bills. Photo: Swakop Municipality

“We fully understand that many people have financial problems due to closure of businesses or loss of employment but it is not acceptable that a group of consumers take advantage of paying customers who keep the municipality afloat,” he said.

“Our NamWater bill is clean, we do not owe them a cent, thanks to those loyal customers who duly pay their municipal accounts every month, but it is not fair for those customers to carry the non-paying ones.”

Water consumers were sent letters informing them of a four-month grace period to either pay outstanding bills or make payment arrangements.
This period ends soon and water services will be disconnected if accounts are not settled or arrangements are not made in time.

Council has urged all businesses, government institutions and developers with high or long outstanding municipal accounts to settle their accounts or make down-payment arrangements before 1 March 2022.

Residential and all other account holders are advised to settle their accounts as soon as possible. If not possible, account holders should make the necessary arrangements before 1 April 2022 to avoid water disconnections.

For more information and to make arrangements, account holders can call 064 410 4316/7/8. Alternatively, they can send an email to or stating the municipal account number as a reference.

Council will consider leniency on specific and clear motivation supported where necessary with documentary evidence.

“Once again, thank you to our loyal customers for their support. We all have to contribute, not only some,” Benjamin said.

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