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Cabin crew union condemns closure of Air Namibia

Cabin crew union condemns closure of Air Namibia

Staff Reporter


THE Namibia Cabin Crew Union (NCCU) has condemned in the stringers terms the voluntary liquidation of Air Namibia and expressed that the national airline can only be closed through a referendum signed by the Namibian people.


Speaking at a press briefing today, the president of the NCCU, Reginald Kock, suggested that the looming closure is well orchestrated.


“This was a sustained covert and conceited effort by a few individuals to collapse the airline for quick personal gain. Monopoly capital will not win today, it is only the Namibian people through a referendum can close Air Namibia,” he said.


Kock further stated that State-Owned Enterprises should be saved from the clutches of self-serving and conflictive politicians who will go to any lengths for self-gratification, including throwing away an airline with 636 workers to the vultures.



“They did it to SME bank, they did it to the fishermen, they tried to do it with Meatco and now they are doing it with Air Namibia. It is only a matter of time before its another SOE. They suffer from a lust for money,“ Kock stated.


When informanté visited the national airlines’ headquarters in Windhoek, employees could be seen packing up their personal belongings and walking out of the premises.


Most of the offices in the building were empty as most of the staff had been sent home.


Airing their grievances, employees expressed dismay at the voluntary liquidation announcement, stating that most of them only received the tragic news via the media.


They added that due to the specialised nature of the aviation industry, finding work will be challenging as the current market cannot absorb them all.

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