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Zero tolerance for sexual abuse in schools

Zero tolerance for sexual abuse in schools

Marthina Mutanga


THERE should be no room for a teacher and a student to have sexual relationships.


Parents, caregivers, guardians, and learners must not be allowed to be blackmailed by the teachers to withdraw cases such as sexual violation.


The Executive Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp said it is gross neglect in a major offence when a teacher sleeps with a learner.


Steenkamp said the Education sector is currently busy with an investigation on the Kamatuka case that occurred in 2013 and why the matter was not taken seriously.


Zero tolerance sexual abuse schools teacher student relationships
Pictured: Executive Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp. Photo: File


There are learners who are not coming forward and prefer not to make a case and to hold the culprit is not held accountable and he continues doing their sexual act forward.


She also indicated that they have equipped all the teachers in all the region with the skills to be able to council learner’s particularly in these difficult times and also sexual violent manuals and the counselling manuals and to sensitize the teachers’ safe school manuals to secure violence in the schools and in the community.


Despite being classified as a form of violence, child sexual abuse has a number of characteristics that make it particularly difficult to identify by both the children themselves, who are suffering it, and by the adults in their environment, that could act as protective figures.


The school is a privileged setting to detect and respond to situations that threaten children’s welfare and development.


According to Steenkamp all schools must ensure a safe environment for children and must be able to track their evolution, in order to notify the competent authorities about any identified situation or vulnerability.

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