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Scammers targeting youth

Scammers targeting youth

Maria David

THE Ministry of Sport, Youth, and National Service has urged young people to be cautious of scammers pretending to be ministry officials and requesting their banking details.

This warning follows reports of scammers enticing young individuals to click on a link containing an image of Minister Agnes Tjongarero, supposedly regarding an online application for a Youth Development Grant for 2024/2025.

In a statement issued by Ministry Chief Public Relations Officer Aina Shikesho on Tuesday, she expressed concern over scammers targeting young people on social media platforms, fraudulently claiming to represent the ministry.

Shikesho emphasized that the ministry has not distributed any such link, and the public is advised against clicking on it.

“Similarly, individuals pretending to be employees of the Ministry of Sport, Youth, and National Service have been contacting young people, particularly at the ministry’s Frans Dimbare Youth Skills Training Centre in Divundu, Kavango East region,” she said.

These impostors inform young people that they have been accepted at the centre and request their banking details.

Shikesho clarified that the ministry has not announced or released the names of successful applicants for the Frans Dimbare Youth Skills Training Centre. Furthermore, she said that centre employees would not ask young people for their banking details, as it is not part of the application process. Therefore, young people are cautioned against providing their personal banking information.

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