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WINDHOEK, Namibia. In June 2022 Trustco Life launched the first Trustco Domestic Investment Program, called Trustco Domestic Investment Program 6a.22 (TDIP6a.22). The purpose of this program is to aid the upliftment of Namibian society by raising funds locally to invest in the educational needs for tertiary students in Namibia. This investment program provides Namibians with the opportunity to invest locally and guarantees above-average returns.

The TDIP6a.22 program was limited to N$50,000,000.00.
Trustco Life is delighted to announce that after just 4 months the TDIP6a.22 program has been fully subscribed. The investment limit of N$50,000,000.00 has been reached and no further investment can be accepted under the TDIP6a.22 program.

As at 30 November 2022 investors have earned interest of N$1,212,414.83 on the TDIP6a.22 program. Now that the program is fully subscribed, investors will earn on average an annual return of N$7,5 million. For a full program performance kindly visit

The CEO of Trustco Life, Annette Brand expressed her satisfaction with the success of the program: “Trustco Life offers various innovative investment products to our loyal clientele and any member of the public. Today we are extremely thankful to be in a position to offer our investors with fixed, more than above-average market returns.

In a world of uncertainty, the one thing that investors can be certain of is that their capital invested in, and returns offered with TDIP are guaranteed and not linked to or influenced by market fluctuations.”
TDIP Value Proposition Under the TDIP6a.22 program, the investor could choose the period of the investment and when they would like to receive the interest returns. Interest is paid either monthly, quarterly, annually or on maturity date of the investment. The selected interest payment option may be changed by the investor at any time during the term of the investment at the discretion of the investor by providing 30 calendar days’ written notice to the insurer.

Higher interest rates are paid for longer investment terms. A twelve-month term will attract 12,52% interest per annum, a thirty-six (36) month term will attract 13,81% interest per annum and a sixty (60) month term will attract a lucrative 14,94% interest per annum.

Investors who invested for 60 months and chose the option to receive their interest on maturity of the investment will more than double their investment.

In light of the success of the TDIP 6a.22 program, the Trustco Life Board has authorized a second Trustco Domestic Investment Program, TDIP 8b.22, which program will be limited to N$150,000,000. The purpose of the TDIP8b.22 program is twofold:

Firstly, to aid the upliftment of the Namibian society by raising funds to invest in the educational needs for tertiary students in Namibia.

Secondly, to enhance the short-term liquidity and upliftment of Namibian Society by raising funds to invest in the ordinary consumer enabling them to bridge their short-term financial needs into long-term financial success.

The TDIP8b.22 program with additional investment terms will continue to provide aboveaverage returns, which returns, together with the capital invested, are guaranteed.

For further information please contact:
Annette Brand
Tel +264 61 275 4185

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