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Chris Jacobie – Flipside

SWAPO, its leadership, delegates and supporters have crossed watersheds many times, but now it’s different. The Rubicon is crossed and factionalism and opportunism woke the election lion in the power bases up.

The 7th Swapo Congress is the crossing of the Rubicon by Namibia’s constitutional founding father, founding Prime Minister and Namibia and Swapo’s third President, overseeing the election of the fourth presidential candidate.

More importantly, Dr. Geingob is the fiercest defender of the foundations of independence and democracy and even when he becomes the victim of the very freedoms he upholds and defends, on behalf of people who don’t deserve or appreciate the rights that the ultra-left and -right lash out at like rabid dogs and bite the very hand that holds their constitutional dear.

Since Independence, he and the Swapo stalwarts soldier on and have in the farthest flung corners of the earth established an international reputation of a nation that stands true today as it has since 1965.

Today, Namibia punches well above its weight on the regional, continental and world stages.

But, just as in everything we live by, those who don’t share in hardship will always remind others of their poverty and misery, forgetting that dignity is not for sale.

The architect of the Rubicon congress, that surprisingly is not recognised by the self-exiled- and dial-an-analyst donor addicts, traveling between workshops, is Namibia’s president who is now also respected and admired by the people of Lesotho for having a democratically elected government and is also slowly but surely influencing the Eswhatini monarchy to let his people go.

The one thing that the far-left and the ultra-right, on social-media platforms of insult and anarchy, have in common, is that they are wrong.

They are right, but not alone, in recognising the importance of a Geingob legacy when he leaves office in 2025, but they are both remarkably wrong in thinking what the legacy should be.
The facts are simple.

The legacy of Dr Geingob is the legacy of every Namibian. It is not something that Namibians can say they have no share in.
What Namibians do is to support those that represent Namibia and are steadfast in democracy and the rules of the game. If they make a wrong judgement, there is always a chance to correct it.

That is how Namibia swings since independence. And that is the Geingob legacy.

The assembly of delegates from all spheres of life, occupations and corners of Namibia is much more than a congress choosing leaders. It’s a rallying cry that the Rubicon is crossed and the march to nationhood is relentless on the move, and like Julius Ceasar’s legion, there is no more turning back.

The Swapo Congress is a confirmation to the commitment of democracy that no other political party in Namibia can emulate. Some of them are still battling each other in Namibian courts for leadership positions that their own inner democracy could not settle.

The President of Namibia and Swapo, Dr. Hage Geingob, shows a resolve that might never be repeated and is a testament to the never-say-die attitude for which Namibia is admired by all nations in the world.

It is resilience that sees Namibia’s young sport stars on the rugby, cricket, and hockey fields excel and athletes and boxing stars from dusty sport fields gracing the world arenas as superstars.

The perception on social-media platforms and some traditional news-outlets that it is “freedom of speech” to attack and assault and misrepresent Namibia’s president and government, is not only a false reality, but one that cannot be changed in the minds poisoned by populism and narcissism.

It shows a disconnection with the majority of Namibians who do their democratic duty whether they are unemployed, without a roof over the heads or poor. In fact, it insults the vast majority of Namibians who hold peace, democracy and dignity dear as values learnt at the mothers knees.

Namibians might be poor, they might suffer financial headwinds, but they are democrats who are free.

Not everyone is corrupt. And the corrupt in the highest offices are in jail and more will follow as Swapo is consolidating the march over the Rubicon where the future of a nation is in the hands of a few delegates.

That is the hand that held the guns and the same hand that will steer a plough, care for the weak and keep Namibia free.

Namibia is not a political party. Namibia is a nation with a president, a ruling party and various opposition parties.

When the captain of the ship is the main democrat and constitutional protector, it is the duty of citizens not to laugh with the Hyenas, but want to also roar with the Lions.

The real legacy of President Geingob is that he is now leading a team in breakthrough energy production, oil discoveries, and a surge in tourism and agriculture that will change Namibia forever.

But the heart of Namibia is the one that beats with hope. There is no last breath. For that alone Namibia appreciates the Rubicon congress and the leadership of change and constant revolution.

There is hope.

The land of the brave is not the land of the nameless and the shameless, but the brave who stand up and face headwinds as Namibians and will always stand tall when the storms are unleashed.

These are the truest citizens to bear the name Namibian.

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