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Over 1 million pledged for Ongwediva Trade Fair

Over 1 million pledged for Ongwediva Trade Fair

Maria David

THE Ongwediva Town Council has raised closed to N$ 1.1 million at a gala dinner on Saturday, for the official hosting of its 2nd decade of the annual Trade Fair after two years of being suspended due to COVID-19.

The main sponsor, MTC, pledged N$ 550 000, while FNB pledged N$ 200 000 and several companies injected N$ 20 000.

This year’s gala will be held under the theme: “Gearing for a smart Economy.”

MTC representative John Ekongo, said the survivors and emerging businesses are called on to shift gears towards smart economies. And while this seems to be a race against time for some businesses, this stage has been long coming and inevitable.

Ekongo stated that smart economies have one aim, and it is to improve the quality of life of all citizens.

“We need to start having discussions about attracting economic activities to the regions and the country at the large. By this, key concepts we should ponder on our business creation, job creations, workforce development and improved productivity,” he said.

He emphasised that smart a economy can serve as an impetus for entrepreneurs to take calculated risks that result in innovation and job creation.

Moreover, Ekongo said globalization has made a dent on many nations, so smart economies help cities meet these challenges by enhancing productivity and brightening the economic outlook.

Development Bank of Namibia Chief Executive Officer Martin Inkumbi, said young entrepreneurs will be the future captains of industry and Namibia needs them to ensure the future of its economy.

He stated that to build the pool of future entrepreneurs, the Bank has implemented its skills-based facility for young professionals and artisans.

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