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No fuel receipt leads to arrest

No fuel receipt leads to arrest

Maria David

FAILURE to provide receipts of fuel purchases has landed a 54-year-old man behind bars in Oshakati.

According to Nampol spokesperson Chief Inspector Elifas Kuwinga, the suspect was arrested around 00:30 at Santorini filling station in Oshakati on Saturday.

Kuwinga said the suspect was found in possession of 25 containers holding 25 litres each with an estimated total value of N$10 087.50.

The containers were reportedly transported with the suspect’s white Nissan hardbody at the time of the arrest.

“The suspect failed to provide the receipt of purchasing such fuel to police officers and was arrested,” Kuwinga said.

He said that fuel is a dangerous, flammable product not to be handled carelessly.

“It is advisable to acquaint ourselves with petroleum products and the Energy Act, Act 13 of 1990,” Kuwinga said.

There are suitable cars or trucks made to transport fuel and a Nissan hardbody is not one of them,” he said.

Kuwinga stated that if a person is found with such a huge amount of dangerous flammables, they should be able to produce proof of purchase.

Police investigation into the matter continues.

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