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Professor pays courtesy visit to CoW

Professor pays courtesy visit to CoW

Staff Reporter


THE City of Windhoek hosted Professor Wim de Villiers, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Stellenbosch, and a delegation, who paid a courtesy call on the Mayor of Windhoek, Job Amupanda.


The meeting was also attended by Deputy Mayor, Clemencia Hanases.


While welcoming the delegation, Amupanda reflected on the broader development challenges faced by the city, including income inequities, acute housing shortage, and lack of sustainable central government funding.


  • Professor courtesy CoW City Windhoek Professor Wim de Villiers Vice-Chancellor University Stellenbosch Mayor Windhoek Job Amupanda


He noted that the City of Windhoek places a high premium on the critical role that institutions of learning play in improving municipal service delivery and overall national development, being reservoirs of scientific research.


Amupanda said that it was within this premise that the Windhoek City Council wants to introduce a decision-making process that is knowledge and evidence-based.


The Mayor also noted that it was in this context that the CoW enjoys good relations with local universities through agreements signed with the University of Namibia and Namibia University of Science and Technology, respectively.


Amupanda added that as a learning City, Windhoek would seek to pursue collaborative opportunities through tripartite relations with the Stellenbosch Municipality and the Stellenbosch University in order to learn from each other.


He also noted that areas of collaboration will include renewable energy, urban agriculture, and international relations.


On his part, Professor de Villiers said one of the University of Stellenbosch’s strengths is the ability to solve complex issues through research and deliver evidence-based solutions, which the university can extend to the City of Windhoek through existing relationships with local universities.


The Stellenbosch delegation also met a number of municipal employees, who are serving in different capacities such as executives, managers, specialists, and supervisors and who graduated from the Stellenbosch University.


Amupanda also studied at Stellenbosch University where he did a post-graduate degree.


Professor de Villiers presented the Mayor with the University of Stellenbosch 100 years centenary pin, which he said he will wear with pride.


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