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Hishoono’s troubles refuse to go away

Hishoono’s troubles refuse to go away

Placido Hilukilwa


ABED-NEGO ‘Bishop’ Hishoono, a senior opposition politician who made headlines recently when he was sued by First Lady Monica Geingos for alleged defamatory statements he made on social media, is in the news again, and again, for the wrong reasons.


Upon being served with the First Lady’s lawsuit, Hishoono apologized for the allegations he made about her alleged business dealings and her private life. His apology went hand in hand with his resignation from the position of deputy secretary-general of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC). He also resigned from his post as the IPC’s Ohangwena regional immobilizer.


However, his troubles still continue.


Bishop Hishoono politician sued First Lady Monica Geingos


Hishoono, who is a primary school teacher, is now in trouble with the education ministry for utterances he made on social media at the beginning of the 2020 academic year when he urged parents to stop murmuring when requested to pay for their children’s stationery because, he said, they were given a chance to vote for change during the 2019 presidential and national assembly elections, yet they voted for the status quo.


He was accused of misconduct and was recently issued a final written warning, which he allegedly refused to sign.


Approached for comment, Hishoono refused to speak to Informanté, saying: “I do not want to talk to you. You write nonsense. Bye.”


Meanwhile, Hishoono’s behaviour is causing division within the IPC, with some prominent leaders proposing that he be expelled for having brought the IPC’s name into disrepute, while others prefer keeping him in the party as an ordinary member.


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