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Social workers undervalued

Social workers undervalued

Marthina Mutanga


SOCIAL work is being undervalued by other professions and overlooked by society in general.


It is therefore crucial that social work has a strong sense of its purpose with strong leadership to develop and sustain the profession into the future.


Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services in Namibia Esther Utjiua Muinjangue said at the official opening of the leadership in social workers national workshop in Otjiwarongo in Otjozondjupa region.


“Social work leadership has attracted growing attention in both social work practice and research, while social service delivery has changed tremendously during the last decades with specific reference to the current outbreak of COVID – 19 pandemic,” noted Muinjangue.



According to Muinjangue, the leadership is recognised as an enabler of well-functioning organisations. Within social work, well-led services and professions will contribute to people, families and communities experiencing positive and enabling support that improves their life opportunities and wellbeing.


Leadership is also highlighted in reviews of what has not worked well, either through focusing on the wrong objectives or being noticeable by its absence.


The core elements of leadership in social work are analogous to those in other professions (Sullivan 2016), and thus there are grounds to the argument that social work should not see itself as unique in terms of how leadership is conceptualized and enacted.


Healthcare has recognised the potential benefits of leadership for many decades with active support from policy and practice.


She lastly concludes that social work leadership is most closely aligned with the model of transformational leadership, a style in which the leader identifies the needed change, creates the vision for that change, inspires and guides others to work toward that change, and executes the change as a team. If you chose social work as a career, you already possess the desire, the ambition, the vision, and the drive to do great things.


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