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Good rainfall expected soon

Good rainfall expected soon

Marthina Mutanga


With the La Niña phenomenon very strong, the rain forecast looks very positive in the long run.


It seems as if the country will receive good rains for the rest of February, March, and maybe even well into April.


The La Niña phenomenon also creates a strong possibility for rain in the arid parts of the southern and southwestern areas of the country.


Good rainfall La Niña phenomenon rain forecast


A press statement from the Namibia Agriculture Union (NAU) said these regions had relatively little rain to date. Usually, it also ensures rainy conditions to the west of the country. These regions might receive rain by the end of February or the beginning of March.


A well-known South African climatologist, Johan van den Berg, reported that there is currently a large cloud of precipitation that stretches over Botswana and settles es over Southern Africa, and more specifically, the northeastern parts of South Africa.


The chances of rain in the western parts of Southern Africa, including Namibia, do not look favourable in the short term, especially in the central to southern parts of the country.


However, the statement noted that it appears that conditions in the northern and northeastern regions may improve over the weekend. In the medium term, approximately around 15 or 16 February, it looks like a heavy rainstorm will fall in the northeast of the country.


Similarly, there should be rainfall across the eastern parts of Namibia in the latter part of February. The weather conditions in the central to southern areas should also improve during the later stages of the month.


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