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Schools overgrown by weeds

Schools overgrown by weeds

Marthina Mutanga


THE Otjinene constituency councillor in the Omaheke Region has called on the youth to assist with cleaning up four schools that are covered by grass and weeds after some areas received good rainfall.


Erwin Katjizeu said due to heavy rain schools in the Otjinene constituency have been overgrown by grass. The grass itself is not a problem but according to the councillor, snakes and all sorts of insects are drawn to the overgrowth.



Some parents joined the clean-up campaign.

Katjizeu also called on the community for donations to help with the acquisition of cleaning materials.


“Learners have lost out on teaching and learning last year and need to be in classes full time this year. That is why called upon the young people to volunteer so that learners and teachers concentrate on their school work,” Katjizeu noted.


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