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Hundreds arrested for contravening COVID-19 regulations

Hundreds arrested for contravening COVID-19 regulations

Maria David


A TOTAL of 571 people countrywide have so far been arrested for contravening COVID-19 regulations since measures were first put in place last year.


Police spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, said amongst those arrested were people found to be in contravention of the public gatherings and restriction of movement regulations, as well as those found selling alcohol illegally.


Shikwambi indicated that a total of 207 cases regarding public gatherings were registered, with 105 people paying fines, 62 granted bail and 40 released on warning.


On the regulations restricting movement, 109 cases were registered, with almost all suspects admitting guilt and given fines, while in some instances they were merely given a warning.


Shikwambi noted that a total of 234 cases were recorded countrywide for contravening the sale of alcohol regulations, with 101 people arrested and out on bail.


“A total 55 bar attendants were warned for operating beyond the prescribed hour, while 78 alcohol outlets or shebeens were closed as they were operating without liquor licenses,” she concluded.

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