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Wet weekend lying ahead

Wet weekend lying ahead

Marthina Mutanga


SCATTERED thunderstorms are expected over the central north and northeastern regions in the next few days.


Few thunderstorms over the central and eastern regions are also expected.


Odillo Kgobetsi, Chief Forecaster of the Namibia Metrological Services, said that in contrast, dry weather is expected in the southern regions from tomorrow.


Kgobetsi noted that on Friday, only few clouds over central areas are expected, while on Saturday, dry air is expected in the south and west area, while elsewhere thunderstorm are expected.


Above-normal rainfall is defined as being within the wettest third of historically recorded rainfall, while below-normal is within the driest third of rainfall.


thunderstorms central north northeastern regions Namibia Metrological Services
Pictured: The wettest third of historically recorded rainfall. Photo taken By Unotjari Kameeta


Normal is rainfall within the middle third.


The second half of the agricultural season, which covers the period January to March 2021, is expected to receive normal to above-normal rainfall for the entire SADC region.


Experts also warned of the likelihood of flash floods in low-lying areas of the entire region, especially during the second half of the season.


Farmers in flood-prone areas are encouraged to plant upland and undertake good land management.


The experts also warned that heavy rains are often accompanied by outbreaks of crop and livestock pests and diseases.


In this regard, governments are encouraged to stockpile chemicals and other pesticides, as well as to ensure regular dipping of livestock and to apply pest control for crops.


During the coming outlook period, heavy rainfall is expected over the northern and western part of Madagascar, and the southern part of Mozambique.


Above average is expected over Zambia, Zimbabwe and Eswatini.


Seasonal rainfall is expected over the northern part of Mozambique, the northern part of Namibia and Democratic Republic of Congo.


A below average rainfall is expected over the western part of Angola, the central part of South Africa and the southern part of Botswana.

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