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Kuiseb River reaches coast

Kuiseb River reaches coast

Niël Terblanché


THE Kuiseb River is flowing among the dunes of the Namib Desert and has reached the outskirts of Walvis Bay for the first time in 15 years.


Heavy rains over the Khomas Hochland since before the weekend caused the river to start flowing.


Continuous rains sustained the flow that enabled the water to reach the dunes to the south of the harbour town.


As the water in the river approached Walvis Bay, residents worried that the fresh water supply to the town might be interrupted as it was in 2006.


FLOODING RIVER: The Kuiseb River has reached the outskirts of Walvis Bay.


The local authority of Walvis Bay indicated that there is no need to fear possible water supply interruption. Since the last flood, infrastructure has been strengthened and that supply infrastructure was improved by the addition of a fresh water reservoir at Mile 7 between Walvis Bay and Rooibank.


Earlier this week, the river reached Utuseb and on Tuesday flowed past Rooibank.


On Wednesday morning the river flowed up to the dunes that formed at the mouth of the Kuiseb Delta.


Recent expansion of salt mining operations to the south of the Walvis Bay Lagoon saw the construction of a wall in the delta that would keep fresh water from the Kuiseb River from inundating the saltpans.


The wall would redirect flood water to the south of the salt pans if it reaches the sea.


However, most of the river’s water would seep into the ground.


The local authority and officials from NamWater requested residents to remain calm as no threat to the supply of fresh water has been detected.


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