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Raging torrent claims woman’s life

Raging torrent claims woman’s life

Niël Terblanché


A WOMAN from Windhoek drowned when she was trapped in a bakkie that was washed away by a raging river in the Khomas Hochland after a dam wall broke.


The tragic incident occurred at around 17:00 on Saturday afternoon while the 73-year-old Holger Pascheka and his life partner of 29 years, Petra, were on their way home to Windhoek from their farm situated near the C28 Road about 30 kilometres to the north west of the capital.


The sudden flash flood was caused by the wall of an earth dam breaking after heavy rains fell over the area for the past few days.


A person close to the family said that the elderly Pascheka drove onto a bridge that was already damaged by floodwater.


Windhoek drowned trapped bakkie washed away raging river Khomas Hochland
DEADLY FLOOD: The severely damaged low water bridge on Egbar Hoff where the vehicle belonging to Holger Pascheka was hit by a wall of water after an earth dam collapsed late on Saturday afternoon.


While driving over the bridge, the water from the broken dam wall struck the vehicle and washed it down river.


Pascheka managed to break the windscreen of the Ford Ranger to escape.


While outside the vehicle, he attempted to pull his life partner from the passenger seat but he was hit by a tree rolling down the raging river.


He was knocked off the vehicle and was unable to reach it again to rescue his girlfriend.


He managed to reach the safety of the river bank and had to walk to the nearest farmhouse to find help.


The raging torrent washed the vehicle almost nine kilometres downstream where Petra’s body was found on Farm Kariam on Sunday morning.


Pascheka sustained some injuries and was taken to hospital for medical treatment.


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