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Spectacular Neckartal Dam a symbol of hope

Spectacular Neckartal Dam a symbol of hope

Niël Terblanché


NAMIBIANS from all walks of life waited in anticipation for the Neckartal Dam to reach its full capacity for them to be able to witness masses of water running over the spillway for the first time ever.


In a short season of many spectacles, the huge mass of water spilling down the steps of the wall of Namibia’s newest and largest dam was the most spectacular so far.


It was initially thought that the dam would start overflowing on Monday night but by Tuesday morning the water level behind the wall was still creeping up the wall ever so slowly. At long last, the water started overflowing at about midday bringing about a sense of achievement for a lot of people.


  • Spectacular Neckartal Dam full capacity witness


The extra time created another opportunity for NamWater to again allow people to visit the dam to enable them to witness the historic event first hand and to share their experience with the rest of the world.


As the dam kept on filling, waves blown up by the wind started to break over the spillway but it still took a few hours for the water to start flowing strongly.


The unexpected but excellent performance of the dam in a relatively short but intense rainy season not only restored a sense of pride with many people but the Neckartal Dam also morphed into a new symbol of hope for Namibians.


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