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Mouton Judgment on Friday

Mouton Judgment on Friday

Eba Kandovazu


MORNE Mouton, the young man who the state insists was highly intoxicated and speeding when he killed three people by running them over with a vehicle, will know his fate this Friday when Magistrate Vanessa Stanley delivers her judgement at the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court.


The 23-year-old Mouton, who was just a teenager when the fatal accident happened in 2015, is expected to return to court on Friday where the presiding officer will either find him guilty or not guilty for the alleged crime.


An on-duty city police officer, Manfred Gaoseb, was one of the three who died at the scene of the accident. The other two are civilians, Werner Simon and Joshua Ngenokesho.


Three culpable homicide charges were opened against Mouton, who has since denied that he was drunk when the accident occurred and has pleaded not guilty.


According to him, he accidentally drove into the deceased persons as they were standing on the sidewalk along the Sam Nujoma Drive in Hochland Park.


Records indicate that he was speeding and that two other people escaped unharmed.


Mouton is currently out on bail in the amount of N$6 000.


Sisa Namandje is representing Mouton.


D-DAY: Morne Mouton will hear his fate on Friday.

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