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Orange River reaches the Atlantic

Orange River reaches the Atlantic

Niël Terblanché


FLOOD water in Orange River on the southern border of Namibia has reached the Atlantic Ocean at Oranjemund and is currently flowing strongly into the sea.


After water levels in the lower end of the river have been critically low for the past two years because of continuous drought, good rains over southern Namibia and large parts of South Africa, where the river originates, saw a wave of flood water eventually reaching the river’s mouth.



Unlike a previous event in 2018 where residents of the mining town dug a channel for the river to reach the ocean a small stream from the river were constantly flowing under the bridge that connects South Africa with Namibia.


The flood down the Orange River was boosted by a wave of floodwater from the Fish River in Namibia after heavy rains fell over southern Namibia for the past week.


The accumulated water mass reached Oranjemund on Wednesday and residents flocked to the banks to view the spectacle.

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