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Human remains identified

Human remains identified

Maria David


THE human remains discovered by a cattle herder in the area of the Omako cattle posts on Sunday were identified to be of 57-year-old Shikongo Wilbard Inekela, a mentally-challenged person that disappeared more than a year ago.


Omusati Regional Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo, said that the deceased went missing from the village sometime during December 2019.


According to Shikongo, the discovery was made in the bushes approximately 50 meters from an abandoned cattle post while some of the herders were looking for stray cattle.


Investigators that attended the scene, managed to recover a skull and some parts of leg bones.


Shikongo pointed out that the human remains and clothes found in the bushes at the Omako cattle posts area of the Iitapa village, were positively identified by family members of the deceased on Monday.


“More than two family members identified most of the items which were found along with the bones at the scene without doubt,” he said.


Shikongo indicated that all necessary documentation was already obtained and plans are underway for the remains to be buried properly next week Tuesday.

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