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Murdered children to be laid to rest

Murdered children to be laid to rest

Maria David


JENAY Haufiku (9) and Jane Haufiku (3) are expected to be laid to rest at their diplomat father, Petrus Haufiku’s village in the area of Ongha in the Ohangwena region.


Kristofina Amutenya, allegedly suffocated the two children in Ethiopia last week.


Their remains arrived at the Hosea Kutako International Airport on Saturday, were moved to the North on Sunday.


Murdered children laid rest Jenay Haufiku Jane Petrus village Ongha Ohangwena region


A relative Informanté spoke to, confirmed that the memorial service was held at Ongh on Tuesday afternoon whilst the burial is scheduled for today at Ethikilo cemetery in the area of Onankali.


Currently, talks are underway between the governments of Namibia and Ethiopia to have Amutenya, who stands accused of murdering her two children, extradited back home.


Amutenya also stands accused of attempting to kill her stepchild at the family home she shared with Haufiku, her ex-husband and economic attaché at the Namibian diplomatic mission in Ethiopia.


With the case having been postponed in Ethiopia for at least two months and Amutenya not having been formally charged, any extradition talks that will possibly end with her standing trial in Namibia will only be concluded once a decision to charge her by Ethiopian authorities has been formally taken.

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