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Body of second drowned fisherman retrieved

Body of second drowned fisherman retrieved

Niël Terblanche


THE body of the second crewman who drowned during a freak boating accident in Swakopmund was recovered almost a week after the tragic incident.


The 38-year-old Johnny Nailenge, along with the 40-year-old Ndeyamunhe Ndeutapo fell out of a fishing boat last Wednesday morning when it broached a freak wave and capsized as it charged the shore to beach at the Platz am Meer slipway. Both the deceased men were identified as Angolan nationals that worked as fishing crew on the boat that belongs to the 67-year-old Johannes Schmidt Dames.


The body of Ndeutapo was discovered washed up on shore about 200 metres north of Platz am Meer on the same evening that the tragic event occurred.


It s believed that Nailenge’s body, the second fisherman, got entangled in the rocks forming the breakwater at the small craft launching area after he sank below the surface of the cold Atlantic Ocean almost a week ago.


Body second drowned fisherman retrieved boating accident Swakopmund
DOOMED CRAFT: The fishing boat that capsized at the mouth of the breakwater of the small craft launching area at Platz am Meer about a week ago. – Photo: File


According to the Chief of the Swakopmund Fire Brigade, Adri Goosen, the body of the drowned fisherman floated to the surface on Tuesday morning and was spotted by people on the beach. It is the same beach where his crewmate was discovered.


Goosen said members of the Sea Rescue Institute of Namibia (SRIN) retrieved the floating human remains from the waves and after securing it, swam to the beach where members of the Namibian Police took control. The remains were loaded into a mortuary vehicle and transported to the Police Mortuary in Walvis Bay for autopsy purposes.


Dames, the skipper, and two other men who went along on an early morning fishing trip survived the ordeal. They were able to hold on to the craft when it capsized.


The official search for the two men that fell overboard was called off late in the afternoon of last Wednesday afternoon the sea became too rough.


The Namibian Police in the Erongo Region confirmed the recovery of the body of the second fisherman and the identities of both.


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