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Oshana prioritises youth and sports

Oshana prioritises youth and sports

Maria David


INCREASED investment in the development of youth sporting activities is helping to give young players the chance to thrive in different codes of sport.


As a result, the Oshana Regional Governor Elia Irimari said the region is planning to host its first-ever sports festival in 2021. He added that the festival will be held annually.


Irimari said that the festival will be aimed at enhancing the talent of many young people not only in the region but in the country at large.


Oshana youth sports investment development sporting activities players
Pictured: Oshana Regional Governor Elia Irimari. Photo: File


“It is a decision we have taken to have a multi-discipline sport festival, where we will have four categories for all the sport codes such as individual, team, adventure, and dual sports,” he said.


Irimari noted that the festival will further be aimed at promoting the culture of sportsmanship with all its attributes and benefits.


“We want to uplift the region socially and economically while we create and promote esprit de corps,” he said.


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