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Council plans for road maintenance

Council plans for road maintenance

Maria David


THE Ondnagwa Town Council has put plans in place to ensure that the roads in town are maintained at all times.


Petrina Shitalangaho, the spokesperson of the council said that the plans were finalised after some of the residents complained that the road to Africa Star International School is very busy, dusty, and causes air pollution.


Council plans road maintenance Ondnagwa Town roads town


“Council maintains all roads in town. It will be tarred, when it will be done is not known at this point in time,” she maintained.


She indicated that as they approach the rainy season, residents might experience issues such as potholes and other blockages on the roads and urged people to report such issues to their technical department.


Shitalangaho noted that it still unknown what the cost of the rehabilitation of the roads will cost or when the work will start.


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