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No licence for a transgender person

No licence for a transgender person

Maria David


THE 37-year-old Brazzo Zamuee is planning to sue NaTis Tsumeb for discrimination and depriving him of his basic human rights after he was denied the opportunity to have a driving licence because he is a transgender person.


Speaking to Informanté, Zamuee indicated that he booked for driving licence test last week Friday and on Tuesday he passed but was told that he wouldn’t get the licence because he looks and dresses like a woman.


“I was humiliated in front of NaTis clients. I am born from human beings, not animals,” he said, before saying that his case is currently being handled by his legal advisor.


No licence transgender person Brazzo Zamuee sue NaTis Tsumeb discrimination human rights
Pictured: Brazzo Zamuee. Photo: Facebook


Zamuee allegedly was denied the chance of receiving his licence by a NaTis employee, known at this stage only as Elias, who reportedly instructed him to go into the public bathroom to remove his makeup and to flatten his hair with wet toilet paper before a picture, that would appear on the licence, could be taken.


Zamuee claimed that it is not the first time that he has applied for a licence because he already obtained two others at previous occasions from the same NaTis service centre in Tsumeb. He said that his personal appearance did not confuse traffic officials at the two previous occasions.


He said Elias told him that he would confuse traffic officials that might inspect his licence in the future.


Approached for comment, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Works and Transport, Julius Ngweda said that the matter has not been brought to the attention of the line ministry.


“The ministry will immediately consult with the Roads Authority about the issue brought up by the complainant,” he said.


Meanwhile, Road Authority spokesperson Hileni Fillemon, said the matter was resolved amicably with the client and the client was eventually assisted.


“The issue was not about their sexual orientation,” Fillemon reiterated.


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