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Oshakati road works a headache

Oshakati road works a headache

Maria David


THE repair of the main road in Oshakati has become a thorn in the flesh for some people including business owners that reside along the thoroughfare.


The part of the road under repair starts at Okandjengedi and ends at the Shali complex in Oshakati.


During hours traffic jams start occurring and create problems for many residents which sometimes have to spend an hour on the road to get from one side of town to the other.


Jonas Hangula, a resident of Oneshila, stated that the council chose the wrong time of the year to start repairs to the road.


Oshakati road headache repair business


“They could have at least waited for the festive season to end and start with repair, but oh no! It must be right now when everyone is up and down,” he said.


Another, Thomas Amunyela, pointed out that for one to get to the Game shopping complex, they either make use of other routes or wait in the long queues to get where they need to go.


Erastus “Chicco” Shapumba, the well-known owner of the Chicco Group of Companies, concurred with some of the people on the timing of the road repair.


According to Shapumba, their businesses are being disrupted and the flow of work is being slowed down as people are no longer using the same road to get to their desired destinations.


“Those working on the road at this time don’t even care as they don’t feel the pinch of businesses being disrupted,” he said.


Shapumba also requested the town council to look at what the community stands to benefit in the long run, without just awarding tenders for the sake of wanting to see the job completed.


Meanwhile, David Kambwa Sheehama of Kambwa Trading, stated that businesses are really being affected that much, and working on the roads takes only one season, but the road will last for over 10 years.


Kambwa indicated that at least the local authority is doing everything possible to beautify the town and ensure that it meets the expectations of the residents that continue to demand maintenance and development.


Moreover, he noted that it is better to have the repairs done now rather than to wait for another time.


“People will have a proper road to make use of instead of complaining all the time,” he said.


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