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Thief dishes out stolen money on the street

Thief dishes out stolen money on the street

Staff Reporter


Frederik Namalenga, a domestic worker was arrested after he generously shared money he allegedly stole from his employer’s house with people on the streets of Walvis Bay.


The man stands accused of stealing more than N$700 000 in cash from the home of Werner Dresselhaus on the 2nd of December.


He was arrested over the weekend after the Namibian Police were notified of the man dishing out bundles of cash. In some cases, he gave away as much as N$50 000 at a time before suddenly leaving town for the North.


stolen money Frederik Namalenga domestic worker arrested stole employer
GENEROUS: Modern-day Robin Hood, Frederik Namalenga, in the dock of the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court where he appeared on a charge of theft after he allegedly stole more than N$700 000 in cash from his employer’s house last week. – Photo: Contributed


The accused person also shared the location of the source of his newfound wealth with some of his friends who then took the liberty to travel to the victims’ house in Extension 2 of the Langstrand residential area to go and steal some of the cash for themselves.


Detectives investigating the matter, so far managed to recover N$200 000 of the stolen cash and are also looking for the two other suspects.


Namalenga made his first appearance on a charge of theft on Monday before a Walvis Bay Magistrate where he was remanded in custody until his next appearance early in 2021.


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