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Card verification devices experience trouble

Card verification devices experience trouble

Maria David


MANY of the polling stations in the area of Omusati region are faced challenges with voters verification devices which were unable to scan the new or duplicate voters’ cards.


In 2014, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) introduced hand-held voter verification devices which were used during the Presidential and National Assembly election across the country to verify and authenticate all voters before they cast their votes.


However, challenges were experienced at various voting points, causing the process to slow down as officials had to go back to their manual way.


polling stations Omusati region voters verification devices


According to the presiding officer at Okahao Evangelical Lutheran Church, Amalia Fillemon, new voters’ and duplicate cards failed to be scanned by the devices.


Another presiding officer at poll 132 Outapi Nampost, Erastus Samuel indicated that it was mostly duplicate cards from 2019 that gave them the worst trouble.


The presiding officer at the Oukwawananyanga polling station, Albertus Jason stated that they also experienced a bit of technical trouble with the card verifying machines.


Jason also said that agents of political parties struggled to get to grips with procedures at his station and ascribed the hiccup to people that were not properly prepared for the role they had to fulfil.


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