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Water scarcity hampers corona prevention in Oshikunde

Water scarcity hampers corona prevention in Oshikunde

Nathanael Heita

PRECAUTIONARY measures against the spread of the coronavirus includes the constant washing of hands, which is practically impossible for residents of the Oshitai, Efinde, Odila and Okakango kaVahongi villages in the Oshikunde Constituency of the Ohangwena Region.


Those communities depend on underground water from two boreholes in the area, but both are now dry.


When Informante visited the villages this week, villagers narrated a fierce daily struggle to get even one cut of drinking water.


spread coronavirus washing hands
Pictured: One of the boreholes that are now dry. Photo: Nathanael Heita


According to community spokesperson, Puyehipawa Nghipunya, the situation was reported to the Oshikunde constituency Councillor and to the water ministry three months ago, but no response has been received to date.


They now get their water from a number of private wells in the area, but the water is not enough for humans and their animals and, in some cases, is not fit for human consumption.


Villagers are worried that the pending re-opening of schools would aggravate the situation because the scarcely available water will have to be shared with learners and teachers who require a constant washing of hands.


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