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Walvis Teacher Fired after racist remarks

Walvis Teacher Fired after racist remarks

Zorena Jantze

CARIEN Steenkamp, the woman who recently found herself in the eye of the storm after spewing racist remarks on social media, has been fired effective immediately from the Hillside Christian College in Walvis Bay.


Steenkamp, who was a grade 2 teacher’s assistant to mostly learners from a black background, has also been charged by the state in accordance with the Racial Discrimination Prohibition laws Act No 26 of 1998.


In the statement, the school stated: “We all know that our actions have consequences. Therefore, due to the fact that her conduct was considered, by Hillside Christian College, as of serious and unacceptable nature, her services were permanently terminated as of today, Friday, 12 June 2020.”


Carien Steenkamp woman racist remarks social media fired effective
RACIST CANCELLED: Carien Steenkamp. Photo: Contributed


The schools added, “Following the Biblical principle that God loves the sinner, but hates the sin, we want to clarify that we still love Ms. Steenkamp, but absolutely hate what she did – we hate the racist remarks.”


Steenkamp on Sunday, 7 June, made social media commentary on the arrest of two white suspects who are amongst 4 other suspects who stand accused of killing a 43-year/old Zimbabwean street vendor at the Savemore Etemba Plaza Supermarket, in Otjiwarango.


“I wonder if the situation was the other way around, would there still be an outrage or media coverage?” Steenkamp wrote on social media after the arrest of Jonathan Patrick Myburgh and Jannie Jansen van Vuuren.


When queried further on the subject, Steenkamp continued on a rampage and said “show me one invention from Africa. If Whites didn’t arrive in Africa, you would still sit under a bush, looking at the moon and wonder if there is a way to get faster.”


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