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Otjinene kapana traders receive help

Otjinene kapana traders receive help

Marthina Mutanga

INFORMAL traders at the village of Otjinene have received much needed materials to upgrade their trading stalls in order to improve hygiene standards.


The Omaheke Regional Council handed over shade cloth and Gazebos to 18 kapana sellers the village in order to uplift the living standard of people in the constituency.


The Otjinene Constituency Councilor, Erwin Katjizeu said the authority wants to create a cleaner village and helping to upgrade trade stall of kapana sellers was a good starting point.



“At least now we will not have an Otjinene where stalls are built with plastic sheets and sticks. The traders were upgraded to Gazebos and the recipients were very happy to have received the donated material,” said Katjizeu.


He said Otjinene is surrounded by many communal farms and people from the smaller villages in the area all stop by the open market to buy food and drink when they travel.


According to Katjizeu the traders are also all abiding by health and safety regulations by packaging the food they sell. This means that their customers don’t stand around to eat but move off to enjoy their meal while practising social distancing.


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