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Shiyuka investigated for speed camera tender

Shiyuka investigated for speed camera tender

Staff Reporter

THE Namibian Police is currently busy with an investigation into the discrepancies with a tender that was granted to Community Security Solutions through its managing director, Amos Shiyuka.


Reports that the former Brave Warriors football star was arrested by detectives of the Namibian Police spread like wild fire on social media earlier this week but it was proven to fake news by the Namibian Police.


The Head of the Namibian Police’s Criminal Investigations Directorate, Commissioner Nelius Becker, stated that no arrest has been affected yet.


“The investigation is still in its infancy and that the person implicated in the matter has not been arrested,” he said.


Namibian Police investigation discrepancies tender Community Security Solutions
UNDER INVESTIGATION: Former Brave Warriors player and businessman Amos Shiyuka who is alleged to have defrauded the Namibian Police of millions of dollars.


The charge of fraud against the former Brave Warriors football player stems from allegations that he defrauded the Namibian Police with more than N$11 million during a process where he, amongst others, installed speed cameras along the main transport arteries in Namibia.


The Namibian police registered a case of fraud on 5 May and Shiyuka and his company have been under investigation since.


The initial tender for the installation of the cameras was valued at N$3 million, but ended up costing the Namibian Police N$14.2 million.


It is further alleged that the procurement procedures prescribed by Government were circumvented when the project called for additional work and the supply of more hardware.


The additional work added more than N$11 million to the bottom line of the contract and according to the charges, the equipment installed is yet to be put into operation.


In his defence, Shiyuka said no procedures were circumvented because he did not secure a new tender while the project was still in motion.


He said he was requested by the former head of the Namibian Police’s Traffic Division to add additional services outside the scope of the original contract via e-mail correspondence, which eventually came to a total of N$14.2 million.


Shiyuka said he delivered on the contract by installing 12 stationary cameras, an additional 12 mobile cameras, as well as training for members of the traffic division in the operation of the equipment.


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