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Woman takes charge of police in Ohangwena

Woman takes charge of police in Ohangwena

Maria David

COMMISSIONER Simeon Shindinge has retired from The Namibian Police, after serving with distinction for the past 30 years.


The Ohangwena Regional Police Commander joined the Namibian Police Force in May 1990 and served in various capacities as well as the Regional Commander of the Omaheke, Omusati and Ohangwena regions.


In a statement issued on Monday, NamPol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Kaunapawa Shikwambi, she said that Commissioner Shindinge went on retirement on the 31 May this year.



“The Inspector General, the management, rank and file and civilian component of the Namibian Police Force is proud of Commissioner Shindinge’s commitment, leadership style and the dedicated service he rendered to the Namibian people for all those years; and now retiring with honour and dignity,” said Shikwambi.


Commissioner Shindinge will be replaced by Deputy Commissioner Elizabeth Sibolile, after she was promoted to the rank of Commissioner and appointed as the new Regional Police Commander of Ohangwena Region.


Deputy Commissioner Shikwambi indicated that Sibolile was heading the Performance Evaluation Division of the Force Policy Planning and Development Directorate at the Police National Head Quarters and also served in various capacities in the Namibian Police Force.


“Commissioner Sibolile joined the Namibian Police Force on 10 July 1990,” she said, adding that the appointment of Commissioner Sibolile’s is a great commitment of the Inspector General in strengthening and promoting women’s development and advancement in the Police Force.


She becomes the third female Regional Commander and therefore forming part of the Namibian Police Force Senior Management Team.


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