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Youth embark on agricultural project

Youth embark on agricultural project

Maria David

A GROUP of young people has embarked on a gardening project with the aim of achieving “zero hunger and food security”.


Their first garden in Okahandja is expected to feed more than 300 people of the Samaritan Network Centre. The ambitious project is expected to gradually expand to other parts of the country.


Founder and Executive Chairman of Youth In Agriculture project, Ndatulumukwa Haikali, said that with the winter period approaching and the impact of COVID-19, less privileged communities will have to rely on the government and other generous donors to aid them with food parcels.



“We as Youth In Agriculture have decided to erect gardens around the country to assist the communities by planting produces which will be used to feed the vulnerable. Okahandja project is one of our first,” said Haikali.


According to him, the projects are made with three phases, of which the first phase focuses on primary production, second phase secondary production and the third phase is market networking.


“The young people are not just going to produce and consume produces, but they will be provided with equipment in order to process them into juices and other finished products, package them and sell their products to the markets,” he said.


Haikali indicated that they have also received donation from Chinese with the aim of offering maximum possible support, tackling difficulties, strengthen cooperation and to it realize common development goals of food security and self-sustainability.


He pointed out that it is their responsibility to assist the government where need be at the same time strive to develop the communities so they can function on their own in the near future through establishing gardens for young people.


“We are teaching them to produce their own food, to propels them into agribusiness activities and reduce the burden of costly imports of food from other countries.


Through this program, youth are trained, mentored and coached to career development, agribusiness opportunities to establish independent successful agribusiness enterprises along value chain.


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