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Ohangwena businesses feed community

Ohangwena businesses feed community

Maria David

HUNGER is impacting northern communities as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


An increasing number of households are struggling to make ends meet, a fact that has moved the local business community in the Ohangwena Region to donate food parcel valued at N$20,000.


The food parcels were handed over to the office of the Regional governor. They will eventually be handed over to constituency councillors to deliver them to the least privileged members of their communities.


Hunger impacting northern communities COVID-19 pandemic households struggling
HELPING HANDS: NCCI chairperson handing over food parcel to benefit those hard hit by COVID-19 pandemic. – Photo file


Speaking to Informanté, the Chairperson of Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) in Eenhana, Linea Haimbodi, said that the donation was made possible after the office of the regional governor approached the NCCI for assistance in order to meet government half-way.


Haimbodi indicated that the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected many and its consequences on the human health and the fact that the pandemic has been identified.


“As we are all responsible citizens, we have also called to show physical character by caring for ourselves with specific focus on vulnerable people, disadvantage in order to provide them any kind of support,” she said.


According to her, the entire membership of NCCI took the initiative to mobilize resources and materials in order to support those that are in need during this situation and also to meet the government half way in response to the pandemic.


Haimbodi pointed out that enterprises and Namibian people are in indeed working together to offer their assistance in cash and in kind and more importantly as business people even during this economic downturn which affected by many aspects.


“It is our sincere hope and belief that with the assistance of the community we deeply understand that the donation we are about to present will be channelled to the needy and to those affected people,” she concluded.


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