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More rhino Poachers captured

More rhino Poachers captured

Niël Terblanché

THREE men accused of smuggling elephant tusks and attempting to sell the wildlife contraband to undercover detectives in Walvis Bay is set to bring a formal bail application to the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s court later today.
Dirk Vermeulen, Edgar Clark were arrested almost three weeks ago and their co-accused Micheal Lusse was arrested a few days later in connection with the sale of two elephant tusks.
They were all remanded in custody during the initial appearance in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court
Three more suspects have been arrested after the Namibian Police with the help of the Namibian Defence Force chased down a poacher with a helicopter in the commercial farming area south west of Otavi.
The arrest of the three additional suspects followed the arrest of Joseph Ngoma who made his first appearance in the Otavi Magistrtate’s Court last week. Daniel Shilongo, Efraim Ashimbanga and Valentine Kandongo also made their first appearance in the Otavi Magistrate’s Court and their case has been added to that Ngoma.

The suspects were charged with possession of controlled wild life products, trading in controlled wildlife products and entering a National Park without a permit. Besides the poaching charges Ngoma also faces attempted murder charges because he fired several shots at the team of trackers running him down.
The Namibian Defence Force deployed one of its helicopters to the area after Ngoma managed to evade arrest for about 11 hours after he shot at the tracking team.
The police confiscated two rhino horns, an unlicensed hunting rifle, ammunition and butchers’ knives from the suspect.
At the beginning of last week the owner of Farm Gravenstyn discovered the carcasses of two rhinos that have been shot and killed between the 9th and the 11th of September.
Nine other suspects were arrested on charges of contravening Namibia’s wildlife protection laws.
Katombera Mukoya was arrested in Rundu when he was found in possession of a live pangolin.
Ananias Jerry Shikongo Amukwa was arrested at Onesi when he was found in possession of an unlicensed fire arm and ammunition.
Three suspects, Tjiuma Kapurirue, Tjiunua Kanijepisa and Vakuujo Tjavaara were arrested in Ruacana when police officers from the Protected Recourses Division found them in possession of two pangolin skins.
The Police in Katima Mulilo also arrested Threes Zambian Nationals who were ofund in possession of protected wild life products. Fulai Pamulo Siyayo Kinamo had a live pangolin in their possession while Kopelo Simata was arrested when members of the NDF and Nampol found him with two elephant tusks in his possession.
Two lion skins were confiscated from a man living with disabilities in Ohangwena last Saturday.
Besides the wild life contraband found in the suspect’s possession officers also found about 43 containers with fuel smuggled from Angola at the homestead in the Ongenga Village.
According to the combined incident report provided by the Intelligence and Investigation Unit of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Protected Resources Division of the Namibian Police the carcasses was discovered last Thursday,the 12th of September.
No arrests have been affected in this case yet
The police from Kamanjab arrested a suspect, reported to under the age of 18, on charges of poaching after he and two others used dogs to hunt and kill an eland on Farm Beulah.
According to the incident report two other suspects fled the scene and are still to be arrested.

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