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GBV cases reported around the clock

GBV cases reported around the clock

Marthina Mutanga

CASES of gender-based violence (GBV) are reported on a daily basis with the City Police and something serious needs to be done to bring statistics down.

This was the opinion of Police Chief Abraham Kanime, who reported that from 1 January to 15 September this year, a total 1,644 cases were registered with the City police, while 780 were reported but were not registered because victims had a change of mind and opted not to open cases against their loved ones. 

According to the statistics, the most reported category in relations to domestic violence I physical abuse, followed by emotional abuse, economic abuse, violation of protection orders, sexual abuse, child abuse and the least reported, attempted murder.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE INCREASING: Photo for illustrative purposes

The police chief noted that domestic abuse often escalates from threats and verbal assault to physical violence.

While physical injury may pose the most obvious danger, the emotional and psychological consequences of domestic abuse are also severe, he added. 

Cases of domestic violence, especially those fueled by alcohol abuse, have been on a steady rise as the Windhoek City Police is on a daily basis called to attend to between 4 and 6 cases.

On weekends, especially during month-end, up to 20 such cases are reported, and alcohol abuse has emerged as the common denominator in most cases.

The domestic abuse, however, takes place mostly at home even when alcohol is involved.

Age groups most affected are between the ages of 19 and 29, followed by ages between 30 and 40, ages 21 to 50, 51 to 60, 18 years and younger and the least registered cases are 61 years and older.

He said that most of the offenders are male, with a total 95 cases reported against men and 17 against women in the month of September.

On the flipside, most victims are women, with statistics showing that 89 women were the victims and 23 were men.

Women also make up the majority of victims who refused to open criminal cases against their abusive partners.

Domestic violence is reported mostly between boyfriends and girlfriends , followed by former boyfriends and girlfriends, then husband and wife, parents and children, siblings, strangers and the least reported violence takes place between ex husbands and wives.

“We are trying to come up with a strategy on how to deal with this. It is now a problem because the cases are a lot,” remarked Kanime.

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