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Operation Kalahari Desert restarts

Operation Kalahari Desert restarts

Zorena Jantze
THE Second phase of the crime fighting strategy, Operation Kalahari Desert kicked off today which saw Namibian Defence Force soldiers as well Namibian Police officers of different rank and file parade at the Hakahana Soccer Field, in Samora Machel Constituency, Windhoek.
Giving his speech to the brigade of officers and soldiers, the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga said the new phase is a joint operation between the Namibian Police Force, Namibia Defence Force, Namibia Correctional Service, Windhoek Municipal Police Service and other stakeholders in the fight against crime, nationwide.

Ndeitunga further stated that the maintenance of law and order is an issue of national importance which can be achieved through joint crime prevention efforts such as Operation Kalahari Desert.
He added that this operation will include identifying hide-out and hot-spot places for criminals, among others.
“I should emphasize that effective crime prevention can be achieved when leaders, communities and individual citizens join the efforts of our security agencies to ensure that there will be no safe haven for criminals in the Land of the Brave.” Ndeitunga noted.
The commander further stated that concerns raised by some entities and individuals from various quarters of our society- who are calling the withdrawal of the Namibian Defence Force from law enforcement operation will not be possible as the participation of such stakeholders is very key to our operations.
It must be noted that all the members who will be taking part in “Kalahari Desert Crime Prevention Operation” Phase II have undergone a three-day intensive induction particularly on the conduct, roles and rules of engagement during the execution of their duties. Therefore, trust them that they will do their utmost best to serve you with professionalism, diligent care and conscious of your human rights,” Ndeitunga reassured the public.
He however requested the public to desist from any acts of lawlessness, undermining of authority, obstructing officers in the execution of their duties and lack of cooperation.
“As law enforcers, we will not tolerate unruly situation or unbecoming behaviour to prevail, thus calling on all peace-loving and law abiding citizens to cooperate and respect the authority just as we would do the same to you.” he stated.
He further implored the officers to maintain and keep law, order and justice at the forefront of their minds.
“Be fair, open-minded and professional in your dealings with everyone. Respect the Namibian Constitution and protect the rights of our citizens. Demonstrate your commitment to others by treating them fairly, without bowing to pressure, bias, or prejudice” Ndeitunga implored the joined crime combating force.

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