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Ondangwa boosts sports clubs with sporting gear and equipment

Ondangwa boosts sports clubs with sporting gear and equipment

Maria David

IN an effort to develop sports, the Ondangwa Town Council officially handed over a donation of sporting gear to six sports clubs all based in Ondangwa on Thursday.

The donation, which is worth about N$100,000, was handed over to KK Palace Football Club, Young Brave Football Club, Mama Love Football Club, Ondangwa United Football Club, Ondangwa Football Academy, and SOS Volleyball Academy.

Speaking during the official handover, Town Mayor Paavo Amwele said the teams received soccer kits and training equipment all branded with the town council’s logo.

According to Amwele, the teams they are supporting have about 200 players altogether, young players who are being trained and encouraged to one day have an opportunity to represent the country in the Brave Warriors set-up.

“From our side as council, we have big plans for soccer and all other sports development in Ondangwa, this includes the construction of our multi-million all codes sporting stadium in the town,” he said.

He added that their plan is to have the best-approved soccer stadium in Ondangwa which will be able to attract all teams to come and have their games here, including the national team.

Amwele added that this donation is their efforts in meeting the government halfway in developing sports and hopefully have a big national team with players selected from the north.

Amwele then urged the teams to remain committed to their training, focus, and be very disciplined all the time.

Town CEO Ismael Namgongo stressed that they believe in social cooperation and only through working together can they really develop sports endeavours in the town.

Meanwhile, KK Palace FC team manager Mateus Iitula expressed his excitement over the donation, saying that this is a morale boost for their club.

He added that the boys will be highly motivated; hence, they are really proud and will ensure that they remain the ambassadors of the Ondangwa Town Council and carry their banner high wherever they find themselves.

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