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Editorial manager arrested for GBV

Editorial manager arrested for GBV

Staff Reporter

A MAN employed in an editorial position at a daily newspaper was arrested during midday today (3 April 2024) after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend following an April Fool’s joke between the two that went wrong.

The identity of the editor can however not be revealed until his court appearance.

The woman, a radio presenter shared her harrowing tale of abuse with the Informanté and explained that this was not the first time she had been assaulted by the man employed at the daily paper, but it is the first time she laid a charge.

According to the survivor, she had been in a relationship with the perpetrator for a year but only realized that he was possessive and jealous later on, as he would pick a fight with her every time she spoke to other men. She added that the incident happened on Monday, 1 April 2024, at around 21:00 in the evening.

“I was at this place. The argument was a buildup from around 8 o’clock. The argument was prompted by an April Fools’ prank I had played on him. The prank resulted in water accidentally spilling over his passport. He accused me of pouring water over his passport, saying that I allegedly don’t want him to leave the country, that I’m trying to keep him here, which is crazy as that is not true. I didn’t put his passport there; it was already,” the presenter said.

She added that as a result of the assault, she suffered multiple injuries from which she is still recovering. “He punched my jaw, so I have a swollen jawbone. My hands are swollen as well, as he twisted my arms. He also ripped out my braids, so my scalp is sore. He was arrested 30 minutes ago,” the survivor said.”

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