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Agriculture holds National Validation workshop

Agriculture holds National Validation workshop

Maria David

THE Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform is conducting a National Validation workshop for the National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP) and its Implementation Action Plan (IAP).

The workshop consists of representatives from all sectors within agriculture, who are presented with the Investment Plan to validate, authenticate, and ensure that the final document contains all key priority activities proposed during rounds of consultations, both at the national and regional levels.

The sector will implement the NAIP over the next six (6) years from the 2024/2025 to the 2029/2030 financial year.

Ministry Executive Director Ndiyakupi Nghituwamata said this workshop was crucial for all key stakeholders and sector role-players to ensure that the final NAIP would serve as a reference point, ensuring streamlined public-private partnership activities for a meaningful and mutually-owned transformation process of the agriculture sector.

Simply put, Nghituwamata said that the NAIP, as the agri-sector strategy, should enable all stakeholders and players in the sector to pull together in the same direction, in a Harambee style.

Regarding the way forward, she indicated that the preparatory committee would incorporate all inputs into the document and ensure that all gaps identified in the document are filled.

“After this, we will organize a ceremony where representatives of various stakeholders will be invited to come and sign the CAADP Compact, which will serve as a Memorandum of Understanding between public and private actors in the agriculture sector, mutually agreeing to implement the National Agriculture Investment Plan,” she said.

She added that only after the Compact has been signed will they be able to submit the NAIP document to the African Union Commission because that is the requirement.

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