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Ondangwa TC extend helping hand to Ondangwa NamPol

Ondangwa TC extend helping hand to Ondangwa NamPol

Maria David

THE Ondangwa Town Council handed over items worth N$35 000 to the Ondangwa Police as part of their aim to combat crime in the town.

The donation includes four fly banners, one gazebo, 25 golf t-shirts, and 25 bush hats, with all items embroidered with the logos of the Council and NamPol.

Town Chief Executive Officer Ismael Namgongo said that the police play a significant role in combating crime in the town, and it is important to support the police in all their endeavours to ensure a positive impact relationship between the Council and the Namibian Police Force in Ondangwa.

“We highly appreciate the efforts of the police in serving our country, as well as the strong bond we share with the Ondangwa Police at the local level,” he said.

He emphasized that a town with a lower crime rate is more likely to attract investors, and that is what they long for.

Hence, Namgongo said that they hope that this contribution to NamPol goes beyond a mere token and truly enhances their daily operations within the community.

Accepting the sponsorship, Ondangwa police station commander, Chief Inspector Regina Silinda, expressed her gratitude and assured the Council that the items would be utilized for their intended purpose.

She particularly appreciated this gesture, as such support for their station is rare.

“We will utilize the items for community engagements and demonstrate to the public that Ondangwa Town Council fully supports our endeavours,” she concluded.

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