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From Namibia to the World

From Namibia to the World

Chris Jacobie

Namibia’s loss of President Hage Geingob represents a gift from a small, peaceful and stable nation to a world in turmoil and at war with itself.
The sweetest flowers bloom from the blood, sweat and tears of the worst and most devastating battlefields in history, and President Geingob will blossom in the meadows as a unique addition to history’s garden of great leaders in their everlasting quest for freedom, justice, peace and unity of their people.
As the last bugle sounds farewell, it will also be the call of Namibia and its people that will remind visitors and leaders of the world that people at war can unite, live in peace and build their nation if they have leaders with a desire and compassion.
The burden of grief and the challenge of continuous progress will lay heavily on the shoulders of Namibia’s fourth President, Dr. Nangolo Mbumba. While he must provide solace to the nation he must find solace for the loss of a friend, colleague, comrade and exemplary leader from the very citizens whose country is the envy of many.
President Geingob did more than his duty. He sacrificed his health, his family and sometimes humiliation in the service of every Namibian. Mbumba will do the same, as they are cut from the same cloth from which nationhood is weaved. Like their predecessors, Presidents Nujoma and Pohamba, they cared for Namibia above anything else.
Through Geingob’s self-sacrificing duty, Namibia stands as a memorable beacon of peace. Conquering war and healing battle scars with unity is the Namibia that many nations and their leaders will experience this weekend.
When these visitors return to their homes, it will be for the better, because it is impossible to leave Namibia untouched by its beauty, hospitality, peace and stability. Many visitors will find themselves wishing to become citizens of this remarkable nation.
The final procession of President Geingob through the streets of the capital city, Windhoek, marks not only the end of an era, but also the beginning of the journey of President Mbumba.
After this tragic loss for Namibia, the world is now gaining an endless symbol of peace, reconciliation and unity in the leadership of President Geingob.
Namibia is proud to share itself and the world with President Geingob.

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