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Helao Nafidi residents remember president Geingob’s tireless efforts

Helao Nafidi residents remember president Geingob’s tireless efforts

Maria David

APPROXIMATELY 500 inhabitants of Helao Nafidi gathered at the Omafo Business Expo on Tuesday for a candlelight vigil to honour the late President Hage Geingob.

President Geingob passed away at the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital at the age of 82.

Former Minister of Defense Charles Namoloh described President Geingob as a selfless leader, an educator, and a true liberation icon.

According to Namoloh, Namibia lost a true hero who fought for the freedom of every Namibian and should always be celebrated for his selfless acts.

“This is the first time we are experiencing the loss of a serving President, and we should celebrate the life of our President,” he said.

Namoloh indicated that a nation that does not recognize the heroes of liberation might lose its freedom one day, thus it is important to teach young children about history.

He added that they should know where they come from in order to know where they are heading.

Speaking at the same occasion, Helao Nafidi Mayor Darius Shaalukeni said President Geingob was not merely a statesman; he was a beacon of hope, a tireless advocate for progress, and a unifying force of the nation.

Shaalukeni indicated that President Geingob’s history is imprinted on Namibia, a legacy of resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment to the Pan-Africanism cause.

“President Geingob’s service to our beloved Swapo party and the Namibian nation was steadfast and unwavering until the end of his time,” he said.

As they mourn the passing of President Geingob, Shaalukeni called on Namibians to celebrate the life of President Geingob, a life lived to serve others, and draw strength from his example as they navigate the path ahead.

President Geingob, who died at the age of 82, will be laid to rest on Sunday at the Heroes’ Acre.

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