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Hot weather looms over the coast and south, while northern, central, and western regions brace for more rain

Hot weather looms over the coast and south, while northern, central, and western regions brace for more rain

Staff Reporter

THE coastal and southern regions of the country are in for a hot week, while the northern, central, and western parts of the country can expect more rain showers tomorrow.

According to the Namibia Meteorological Services, coastal regions will remain warm to hot throughout the week, with the possibility of thundershowers in certain coastal areas. On the other hand, the southern regions are predicted to experience exceptionally hot weather until Wednesday. Specific southern towns such as Keetmanshoop and Aroab in the //Kharas Region, along with Mariental in the Hardap Region, are anticipated to reach maximum temperatures of 38°C tomorrow.

This forecast for the South is particularly concerning, as a number of weather enthusiasts and farmers have shared on social media that several areas in the South have received minimal to no rainfall in the past few weeks. Additionally, places like Gochas in the Hardap Region have reportedly already witnessed temperatures as high as 40°C recently.

In contrast to the South, more rainfall is expected in the North tomorrow, especially in the central-northern and Kunene regions. Residents and visitors in these areas are, therefore, advised to be cautious, as the recent heavy falls in the North left some areas in the Kunene Region flooded last week and most recently caused significant damage to homes and schools in the Oshikoto Region.

Isolated thundershowers are also expected in the Khomas, Erongo, and Otjozondjupa regions, as well as the eastern part of the Hardap Region tomorrow. Some of these regions have also witnessed decent rainfall this weekend.

For example, according to Namibia Meteorological Services, Khomas Region’s Okahua and Omateva recorded 20 millimetres (mm) and 15.5mm of rain, respectively, between Sunday and Monday morning. Windhoek also experienced light rainfall, with some of the capital’s areas recording 2.5mm of rain between Sunday and Monday morning, while other areas in the capital recorded merely 1.2mm of rain during the same period.

The Namibia Meteorological Services also revealed that Grootfontein and Otavi in the Otjozondjupa Region recorded 15.6mm and 14mm of rain, respectively, between Sunday and Monday morning. These two towns have been experiencing consistent rainfall over the past two weeks, drawing considerable online attention as social media users shared numerous photos and videos showcasing the rainfall in these towns. Likewise, Okahandja in the Otjozondjupa Region also garnered online interest, with reports indicating rainfall ranging from 20mm to 40mm on Sunday.

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