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About 200 homes destroyed by heavy rainstorm in Endola

About 200 homes destroyed by heavy rainstorm in Endola

Maria David

HOMEOWNERS in Endola, Ohangwena Region, were left devastated after a heavy rainstorm wreaked havoc on their houses on Saturday evening, leaving approximately 200 homes in Onepandaulo village without roofing.

Despite the widespread destruction, Endola constituency councillor Fredinand Shifidi said that there is little or no immediate assistance his office can provide to those affected, as they currently lack the necessary funds.

“We will conduct a thorough assessment and escalate the matter to the governor’s office for further intervention and assistance,” he said.

Shifidi explained that the heavy winds tore off roofs from numerous structures, fortunately without causing harm to any individuals, as most residents were either at local establishments or elsewhere away from their homes.

He emphasized the urgent need for assistance for the affected residents and expressed hope for prompt action from the regional governor’s office.

In addition to the devastation in Endola, a similar heavy rainstorm was reported in Iikokola village on Sunday, resulting in the uprooting of homes, schools, and trees.

Iikokola village headman I-Ben Nashandi extended solidarity to all those affected and appealed to fellow citizens to aid in the swift reconstruction efforts.

Nashandi added that while no human injuries were reported, the damage to properties is extensive.

Photos: NBC Digital News

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