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President Geingob calls for intensified efforts to ensure prosperity in Africa

President Geingob calls for intensified efforts to ensure prosperity in Africa

Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob has highlighted the challenges faced by Africa and emphasized the need for increased efforts to secure the continent’s prosperity.

Speaking on Africa Day, President Geingob acknowledged Africa’s progress by reflecting on the chosen theme for 2023 by the African Union (AU): “Acceleration of the AfCFTA Implementation.” This theme represents the milestones achieved since the formation of the AU, while recognizing the ongoing journey towards realizing the vision of “The Africa We Want.”

President Geingob emphasized that Africa has already attained political freedom as the crucial initial step towards pursuing economic freedom and development. Africa Day, he said, serves as a time for reflection, commemorating the collective experiences, struggles, and triumphs of the continent while inspiring a brighter future. He also highlighted that the day reinforces Africa’s commitment to peace, progress, and self-improvement, acknowledging both the progress made and areas that require attention.

The President highlighted the favourable conditions of freedom, peace, and stability that have been established in many African countries. He stressed the importance of pursuing economic emancipation for the entire continent, referring to it as the second struggle for economic emancipation, aligning with Namibia’s aspirations. According to the President, political freedom remains incomplete without economic freedom and development.

“The past six decades have witnessed the liberation of African states, navigating uncharted waters as each member state sought to establish sovereignty and maintain territorial integrity. Together, Africa has weathered unprecedented pandemics that posed threats to the continent’s population, socio-economic challenges jeopardizing citizens’ livelihoods, and geo-political crises risking collective security,” he added.

President Geingob’s remarks on Africa Day served as a call to action, urging the African community to redouble efforts for economic emancipation and continental prosperity. By building upon past achievements, he expressed confidence that Africa can overcome challenges, forge a brighter future, and realize the vision of Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want.

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