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Shopkeeper tricked by thieves in Onyaanya

Shopkeeper tricked by thieves in Onyaanya

Staff Reporter 

A SHOP in Onyaanya, located in the Oshikoto Region, fell victim to two thieves who deceived the shopkeeper on Monday afternoon. It is alleged that a man and a woman approached the female shopkeeper, expressing interest in purchasing specific health products. They handed her a high-denomination banknote, prompting her to seek change at a nearby shebeen. However, upon her return, she discovered that her two “customers” had vanished, and the shop had been virtually emptied of its contents.

The stolen items include:

  • Health products (valued at N$11,314)
  • Quantum resonate magnetic analyzer machine (valued at N$6,500)
  • HP Laptop (valued at N$8,500)
  • Cash (amounting to N$1,640)

The identities of the suspects remain unknown, and no arrests have been made thus far.

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